Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Window 10th December from Tunbridge Wells

Time to take another stroll down Camden Road, in Tunbridge Wells and stop at Karen's Foam Store http://www.karensfoamstore.co.uk/ How comfy and inviting does this shop window look? Don't you just want to climb in and curl up?

This shop just epitomises the creative element in Camden Road. Hardly any chain stores exist down here.
This is the Town's equivalent to the Brighton Lanes, eclectic mixes with Bohemia and Alternative Therapies.
Karen's Foam Store solves my problems with unfinished projects and all those bales of fabric I have bought over the years. All those ideas that have never come to fruition, all those good intentions of making things with discarded items that I have bought in charity shops [also in Camden Road, I might add.] I have just handed them over to Karen and now I have comfortable cushions and hand-made seating pads for my Grandmother's Lloyd Loom chairs that would not look out of place in a Homes & Garden's room set.

But it is not just the finished product that excites, it is the stylish shop and the interest in making a beautiful product and above all the attention to detail. Karen is interested in the person who is commissioning the product. That means you also experience personal service, in retailing this seems an old fashioned idea but certainly one that the general high street could do with reviving. Karen's Foam Store ticks all the boxes for me.

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