Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I keep these polyfotos on the shelf next to my writing chair and my Mother  keeps an eye on my words, rather like when I would sit at the kitchen table and draw or do my homework whilst she made the supper.

 I would like to ask her:

" How old are you in these photographs?

What were you hopes and aspirations?

 Did you think you had a best side? I think I can tell.

The missing one- was it your favourite or one you did not mind giving away and what for ?

 What colour is that cardigan in your black and white world?"

I would also say:

" These photographs are of the you before me. But in you I can see me.

And on Mother's Day and any other day I still think of you."


  1. Have a lovely day with your daughter. Don't forget to take a picture (of the tea and cakes!!!)

    1. It was a lovely tea, enjoyed by all,as we bought a box of the excess home.