Monday, 19 November 2012

Exciting #Journey with What the Dickens Magazine

It is strange how life takes you on journeys you never intended to take.
Footsteps you never thought you would make.

For years I wrote in secret, on scraps of paper, in notebooks hidden in bags, beside the bed. I have even been known to write inside a cupboard : but we won't go there.
My words and pictures have always been with me. I thought I was strange, slightly mad. Others were surprised when I took photographs of objects that did not include people. What was the point of that, especially if they were not 'significant' objects? Most of the time, I quietly agreed, mainly because I don't like to upset people and because at this stage I thought I was possibly deluded. I also tended to turn my inner dialogue off.
 One shattering event in my life changed my perspective forever and things were never the same again.
I have written a little about that event in earlier postings. So all I need say is that my Mother was always there for me. Now I am alone and for a while bewildered. The words will not stay in my head any longer, they come pouring out onto any surface that I can find. For a while they were over-whelming, I had no control. I couldn't settle, watch films or TV and couldn't read a book. So unlike me. I had to force myself to heal myself. I joined a book club in London, well two. Through Virago books, who I had first come across in student days, I went to evenings, eat cake and drank wine and chatted about books, feminism, society with people from all different backgrounds and ages but a common love of books. I heard about blogging and thought why not and so my blog was born. Shyly and quietly , thinking no one would read it I carried on. Virago gave me the opportunity to review books, so after all those years of quietly recording the books I had read, in a notebook , with comments, stars and asterisk's only I could understand I now have a more electronic version.  I channelled my love of women's literature into my monthly book group sessions with Persephone books and these afternoons are very precious to me .

However, my reason for posting this blog in it's half finished status is to share this amazing magazine and ask for sponsorship. This magazine has given me the opportunity to write, to express myself and to try out different ways of exploring creativity. It is an open book for anyone who needs an outlet to write or create.
So from the bottom of my heart I ask you to sponsor this amazing magazine who has given me a vehicle to expressive myself in my darkest days and has offered me a way to explore creativity and to invite you all to join in and become part of the fabulous What the Dickens.


  1. Hi there Caroline.

    It feels great to be doing something for What The Dickens Magazine - I've just gone for the Credit, the Keyring and a copy of the magazine, sincerely hope they reach their funding goal!

    I've also nominated your blog for an award that I too have been nominated for (The REALITY Blog Award).

    You can find the post on my blog via the link below - you may wish to follow some of the other people that I have nominated:-



    1. David, Thank you so much on many levels. For stopping by, for reading, for donating and for nominating, if I carry on that could be my 5. What a challenge but overall thank you for the introduction to some other like-minded people.
      Think you might also like to consider sending in work to WTDZine, when the next subject is confirmed I will let you know. Think that it is music based and based on your blog you might enjoy that.