Thursday, 29 November 2012

One Direction Leads To Another.

Let's Look at things in a different way.

Just when you think you are going in one direction, another pathway opens up. Sometimes it seems unconnected but really it was just waiting in the woods. Often told at school that I couldn't see the wood for the trees, my haphazard approach to life seems to take me on very interesting journeys.

I started using my photography for my writing and my blog was born. Then I used my photography to write a small piece for What the Dickens and a whole new world opened up for me.

Now I find I am going to talk about my photography.

I am taking part in a Christmas fair as a fundraiser for Dr Barnardo's. Initially the idea was to clear my house of some of my clutter. How many cherubs does a woman need, I asked myself ? My Daughter finds them 'creepy', so I felt the time had come to part with a few. I thought if I photographed them then I would at least have a visual reminder. Being me I have to play a little and set design, so onto scarves and paper they were placed, they too were destined for the fair. I liked the photos and thought I would see what they looked like on paper. A swift move on and I added envelopes and wrappers and now my range of cards has been developed.
So the house is still full of clutter and the dining table has been taken over with piles of cards.
On Saturday I will be showcasing:


Fifty shades of Pink,
Cherubs and Beauties,
Lavenders Blue,
plus a Christmas Collection.

I hope they sell, but if not my friends will have some cards as presents for Christmas.



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