Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent in Tunbridge Wells Window 11

In which I stroll around Tunbridge Wells at night looking for the magic of Christmas displayed in shop windows.

Last night the Christmas tree was put up in our house. A Nordic spruce, bigger than it looked in the garden centre it dominates the sitting room. This morning when I opened the door the room was filled with a wonderful smell and I felt I was in a story book land set in pine forests. It's that Narnia again, it comes back from childhood to haunt me. So today's picture is from the lighting shop in Chapel Place ,The Olive Tree here is the link

I just love the simplicity of this window but also its depth. If you stand and gaze through the glass on a cold, crisp night you can imagine that you are in a Russian landscape painting. There is a dramatic intensity in the trees against the stark black and white backdrop giving the impression of stillness. Illuminated by the bare bulbs the scene becomes nocturnal as if the moon is reflecting from the snow on the ground and the light dusting of ice on the branches.

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