Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day Window in Tunbridge Wells

In which I stroll around Tunbridge Wells at night looking for the magic of Christmas .

I have loved this project and then I came across a conundrum. The most appropriate window was not an Independent that originated in the South East. As always rules are there to be broken and this Company is based in North Devon so I figured as this is only their second shop and that the window was so fabulous and relevant I could include it.This is what Christmas is really all about, the nativity. From that last moment at Midnight Mass when the Christ-Child has been placed in the crib, the incense has purified the air and the congregation are surrounded in the smoky drifts of frankincense, aromatic oils and spices. To when the readings, hymns and Kyrie Eleison float upwards towards the vaulted ceilings and we turn to one another and wish each other peace whilst holding a candle. This is the magic of Christmas.
I attended Mass at St Barnabas' Church in Stanley Road, just off Camden Road and so there was a connectivity and equally finality to this calender.
This window in Pollyfields on The Pantiles is beautiful and certainly one of the most fragrant.
As I stood in Church and thought about what I could smell, I imagined bottling it up and making an essence of Christmas and it would include all the Frankincense, myrrh and amber aromas and I would mix them with rose and lavender. Many of these aromas are present inside this shop. The visual display is just stunning. A true melange of the unusual but somehow appropriate, dried flowers and religious icons.

Pollyfields in The Pantiles

So Merry Christmas and thank you Tunbridge Wells for the stunning visual display.

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