Saturday, 29 October 2011

Breaking through- Past, Present and Future

 Today would have been my Mother's 79th Birthday. People often ask me how old  she was  when she died and I have to pause to think. Sometimes it is  because I really can't remember and sometimes because I really  want to say it is not important how old you are when you die. All I know is that  it was two years ago. She never was an age to me- she was and is my  Darling Mother. I knew her as a person and not a number.

Three events have shaped my determination to see my  £1,000 challenge through for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The day my mother revealed her breast lump in the doctor's surgery. She had obviously touched, looked but not had it checked, until too late. I often wonder how scared and frightened she must have been by the denial. How lonely....

The day when my darling friend, Susie told me that she had found a breast lump. I reassured her that it was probably a cyst; I was wrong. But she persevered and chased the new drugs - Herceptin and Lapatanib down and insisted she had them. She explored the World for new  and alternative treatments. She embraced all that life gave her . She gave her family time and experiences together. We love her for that and many other attributes.

The third event happened very recently  when I took the breast cancer pins to my sister Bridgette's and my nieces Phoebe and Olivia used their pocket money to buy their own. Olivia asked if she would develop Breast cancer. How long had she been thinking about this? Or indeed worrying. So young.
We were able to tell her that Grandma's Breast Cancer was not a genetic type. I have to say I hope the information we were given is correct.

Homeopathically speaking I believe people are just that- people.
They are more than a sum of their age or symptoms and that is what should be remembered.

 My buddy at Breakthrough, Amanda, explained to me when talking about her lovely daughter Becs. No-one is forgotten whilst there is still someone to hold them in their memory. So today I give you my Mother- Margaret Rose Leefe and Susie Wallace to hold in your memory.

Today I have achieved my challenge,  my Mother will not just be a name on a gravestone for remembrance , her  name will be on the  challenger's wall as a symbol for future hope . Breast Cancer is a challenge that would be great to beat. Today is all about meeting that challenge.

Total raised for Breakthrough Breast Cancer £,1000 Challenge at this event £833.50. So combined with my previous events this will take the total well on the way to meeting another Challenge target so Susie can join my Mother.

So thank you for your support, thank you everyone who has helped and enjoyed this celebration of  past life,  present love and  here's to a  future free from the  fear of breast cancer.

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