Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Liverpool Library: One of the reasons Liverpool is a World Heritage City & Cultural Capital

                          Who would have thought that finding this in the middle of this


would lead me to walking along a grey slate road, reading under my feet as if I had my head in a book. I felt like a child trying not to step on the cracks. I was smiling in recognition of a familiar title and wondering what I had missed out on with those I did not recognize.

 I then entered the building and standing on this

I looked up to see this ....Wow!


 Afterwards I wandered and found this gem of a reading room.

                   The Picton Reading Room which was built in the Nineteenth Century.

                                                 With natural light from this cupola.

              I wanted to climb these stairs to browse the shelves and walk around the gallery.

But then I went through another door and entered into the Hornby Library which was filled with beautiful objects.

                                  Where there were yet more books in glass fronted cases

     and rooms including the Oak Room containing John James Aubudon Birds of America.

Until I found this staring at me. I was halted in my tracks of wandering and started to wonder who created this and longed to look inside. But that was not to be.

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