Saturday, 21 December 2013

Advent Windows in Tunbridge Wells

In which I stroll around Tunbridge Wells at night looking for the magic of Christmas displayed in the shop windows of Independent Retailers.

Maison Mount Pleasant Tunbridge Wells

Maison has been in Tunbridge Wells since 2001 and has expanded from this first venture to at least two other outlets. Specialising in French and Scandinavian painted furniture its distinctive white carrier bags can be seen around town in the hands of many residents.

This shop with its love of white furniture really comes into its own at Christmas. Its windows are stunning, perfect and aspirational.

Now that the last posting day has past and the cards can be put away until next year I can breathe a sight of relief and start to tidy. No need to queue at the Post Office, because if it hasn't gone by now it is not going to arrive. So my dining table can fulfil its original function rather than a desk. The tree is decorated, the presents are being wrapped and the other areas of the house can be readied. The family and visitors have started to arrive and the excitement is beginning.

The finishing touches will make all the difference, the candles instead of the harsh full light and writing the tags to put on the gifts. Later today I will venture into town for the last few items. I will pop into Maison for a little something, maybe to give away as a memento to one of my visitors and then I will wait for my daughter to return home and put the star on top of the tree. Angels start to appear in the house and likewise in this blog, there were some wings in the last posting as well. This is careful consumption, this is not mass buying but a gradual accumulation over the years. I decided long ago that I liked white, white with silver and maybe a flash of red. So each year I buy or make one more item and with it comes a memory. What is important is everyone together and if that is in a house with white decorations rather then white snow outside then that is fine by me.

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