Friday, 13 December 2013

Advent Windows in Tunbridge Wells

In which I stroll around Tunbridge Wells at night looking for the magic of Christmas displayed in the shop windows of Independent Retailers.

Here I am, photographing photographs in Camden Road.


Lovely windows, full of happy, smiling faces. And that is just what we all wish for at Christmas more than any other time of the year. Happy families, together, or if not together then the images of each other will fly around the world electronically via facebook and email. How far we have moved on from the miniatures of Elizabethan times, the silhouettes of the Georgian era, the painted family portraits and Daguerreotypes of Victorian England with their unsmiling family groups. We are now in the era of that modern incarnation 'Selfies' and even World Leaders are not immune from posing as this week's news has recorded for posterity.
But it is still an occasion for a family to visit a studio for a session of informally posed portraits for our family homes. To capture that baby smile, that childish innocence, the teenage insecurity, the first glow of marriage, that fleeting moment forever, just pop down Camden Road.


  1. A lovely post this morning Caroline - and a lovely window. x

    1. Thank you Karen, glad you like it. The secret World of shops at night is quite intriguing.