Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Taste of Italy

If I am served food with oil in a pipette and an ice-cream made from liquid nitrogen, then surely I can write using Balsamic vinegar for Ink. I think the bottle is so beautiful that when the contents have been consumed I am going to decant some ink and the bottle will make soon be making an appearance on my writing desk. How interesting it is to use food stuffs to create with.

Part of the reason for travelling is to discover good food and wine and this holiday was no exception. If you are near Lake Garda I can recommend L'Osteria Suer & Garbino in Moniga. You will not be disappointed. Here, Chef Saulo della Valle produced the most amazing meal, literally in front of our eyes.

Local fish

Ice Cream from grape juice and liquid nitrogen mixed with passion and performance.

Exploding meringues also with liquid nitrogen. Described by our Tour Organiser Max & Molly Genuine Italian Food Tours as ' Wahoooooooo!!!!!'


Wines from  Enrico  with no added sulphites  from Cascina Belmonte Winery  here                             

                                                    Thank you, our new Italian friends:

Inquisitive English.


Very full and happy English.

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