Saturday, 1 September 2012

Time for tea and cake.

A difficult summer, if it can be called a summer after the disappointing weather of recent weeks. A time for endings and beginnings. New jobs, new careers, new terms and a new me? My hall is filled with some of the loft's contents waiting to begin a new life in a charity shop after an outing to a boot sale. Never again will I expose my life long possessions to such a tawdry affair, if I have loved it enough to keep it so long it will be handed on with dignity to someone else rather than haggled over for a 50p price to be paid for with a crisp twenty pound note. My loft may be emptying itself but my mind is finding old memories and these too are being recycled or rather up cycled into new creations. My daughter calls these my reflective pieces but for me they are not reflective so much as a springboard for something new. My blogging , photography and book reviewing have developed into new passions, short stories that are being published in plus submissions that are being sent on their own journeys to secret destinations.

The hall is also filled with the comings and goings of children. Lives being packed up for the start of a new term at University  for one son and the start of University for the other son. My daughter is sorting wardrobes for the start of a new job. Not quite an empty nest syndrome yet for me and my husband,as the house feels very full of stuff. In terms of feng shui , not in a good way. Maybe I am blocking the hallway to slow down the positive flow . Maybe time is moving too fast for me. So I do what I always do when I am nervous about new beginnings drink tea and make cakes.

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