Thursday, 6 October 2011

Autumnal Adjustments

Today is National Poetry Day and there have been some wonderful renditions on the radio. I felt the need to write a symbolic piece of prose on family life.

School days are over. The uniform no longer needs to be washed and ironed. The young are polishing their own shoes. As our family develops we are shifting into the autumn of our lives.

We adjust slowly as they rapidly blossom and bloom into the World and we turn into ourselves.

We speak in metaphors and similes. Silence often has more meaning than words. A look, a glance, a smile.

We sort and sift.
We evaluate and assess.
Radio 4 becomes our soundtrack, our  musical heroes become historic pop icons.
Our youth becomes vintage, our own silent movie, although with our generation it is in colour.
We consider casting off or passing on, as we are rich in objects and experience rather than time or money.  It is health not wealth we crave.

Shall we have a blaze of seasonal colour before we are covered in white snow?

Yes, let's!

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