Sunday, 19 June 2016

Notes from the Archive : Part Three

                                This image has nothing to do with the archive, directly.
                                      It is from a place I visit when I need to think.

When I have had enough of this.

And am feeling rather like this.

                                           Today, the archive moved to London.
                                I entered through this enormous black heavy door.

                            Armed with with my appointment details and identification.

                                      Plus, the obligatory pencil and sharpener.
                                        I can't abide writing with a blunt instrument.

                    Whilst I turned pages and stared at microfiche film, my eyes feeling sore;

I realised this portal to times past is where I am happiest.
The archive, with its silent words, speaks to me with such a clarity that I feel at home. 

                     The world carries on, outside, building auditoriums to modernism.

Watched by the Triton by William McMillan.

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