Monday, 14 September 2015

Heritage Open days: A Personal Reflection

After spending months preparing for my event I planned a personal reward which unfortunately was cancelled. But the upside of this was that I went to St Paul's Church in Rusthall instead. Whilst waiting for the doors to open and World War Two to unfold on the display panels I wandered around the old cemetery.

I was interested as some of the individuals I had been researching for Tunbridge Wells Cemetery had had their funerals at St Paul's along with other connections. I was intent on finding information inside the church. I wasn't in a particularly photographic frame of mind but thankfully my camera was by my side.

But here I came across a multitude of Angels in such a compact cemetery, an oasis of peace and tranquility. I found this kneeling Angel with her feet exposed a delightful detail. She was obviously meant to be observed from all angles.

Then, there were the reading angels

The weeping angels

And who would not weep, reading these words.

St Paul's Rusthall

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