Saturday, 14 March 2015

Angels are watching you

This weekend, I have finally mastered the art of copyrighting my photographs, so here is one from last year: Angels of Tunbridge Wells.

I have held back from publishing my images because when I have they have been stolen and pasted on Pinterest without accreditation  or acknowledgement. The beauty of our open spaces for memorial and reflection are for everyone to enjoy, however the images I share constitute hours of chasing the light, in the early morning. Therefore I was not happy for others to take my images with a click and share, because essentially the images are presented through my viewpoint and are my composition.

  For many, the cemetery is not a place of choice, but for me it is a place of peace and beauty and I never feel alone or uneasy. I take comfort from the elaborate Victorian and Edwardian monuments which are there to be admired. Knowing that the capturing of their appearance on camera is acceptable because the Victorians wanted to be remembered, admired and acknowledged is enough for me to record them in this century.

For those of you who are Friends of Tunbridge Wells Cemetery the first AGM is coming up:

Saturday 28 March 2015

First Annual General Meeting

3.00pm at the Burial Chapel
Main business approval of Constitution of the Friends Group
Election of Executive Committee Members
Exhibition in Disused Chapel

Speaker: An illustrated by Ian Johnstone of High Weald Partnership on
"Hidden Habitats - Plants and Wildlife in Hawkenbury Cemetery"

Prior to the meeting there will be a guided tour of the four graves which the Friends are seeking funds for repairs at
approx 2.30 pm

For those of you who are curious, please come along, all welcome. 

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