Monday, 8 April 2013

Food for Thought.

I have just returned from a Writers' Retreat in Cobnor near Chichester run by  Chichester Copywriter
Whilst my brain sorts out the activity that has been generated by two days of diverse activity I thought I would share some of the refreshments that were available.Some of these came from Whipped & Baked in Chichester.
The level of catering also reflects the level of content of the course. It was high quality,delicious,enticing and stimulated all the senses and that was just the course. I was unusually quiet on the return journey much to my husband's amusement. It was because I was full but willing to share a little piece of cake I had brought away with me. But my thoughts and words needs to be polished up into finished pieces of work before I can share those. In future blogs I will share some of the visual stimulus from outside of the classroom. 

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