Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sweet taste of Italy

                                                                   Riccione style

                                                                   Lucca style

Some people bring back ceramic objects, many bring back photographs or postcards to add to the memory bank, but I like to bring back little parcels of sweet moments. Sugar sachets from Italian coffee houses provide a little taste of Italy when needed on wet, dull English days. Memories of leisurely coffee taken before a mammoth session of sightseeing. Coffee taken in a piazza watching dogs being carried in bicycle baskets. Coffee taken the traditional Italian way, standing at a bar, quickly , like a shot of vodka , a morning perk of caffeine.
Lucca and Riccione, different but both stylish, sweet memories.
Best taken with a black coffee and a little water.

Eminently suitable for drinking with my current book. 'Deceived With Kindness' by Angelica Garnett. I have to admit it has taken me a long time to finish this one. But I never give up on a book as I always think there will be a redeeming feature. I have found it very dark and rather bitter and extremely sad. Helped by the recent visits to Bloomsbury homes Charleston and The Monk's House, it was easy to place the characters in situ.This book came to Italy and back with me, so it is part of my Italian summer. I am fascinated by the Bloomsbury set . But rather than answer questions it has served to inform me of a different angle from the usual and if anything made me more curious. Being more poignant with the death of Angelica Garnett this May. Not a happy read but an enlightening one. It explores her relationship with her mother Vanessa Bell , Clive Bell and her father Duncan Grant. My bookmark is of Sissinghurst, a rather lovely 'Sweetman & Son' postcard and so fitting for the subject matter. Especially as Angelica travelled to Rome with Vanessa and Quentin in Vita Sackville-West's car in 1935.


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