Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter meditation and unfinished business.


This is not a book review, because I haven't finished the book. I have hardly started it. But I have made so much progress in  different ways. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron has become my daily Bible. 

The cat detects a change in breathing. After all night sleeping quietly by my side, he rolls on the floor against piles of books and rubs his chin and says silently  ' you need to put your dreams and subconscious onto paper'.

I shut the door of my writing room , I still cannot believe that I have one. I wrote about the beginning's of this in a post last year : :

It is so early, before the alarm signals the beginning of the day, it is a quiet time. The only time that I can claim, but a worth getting out of bed time. The cat paws the door. each scratch translating into 'feed me', whilst I pour my words into streams of consciousness onto reams of paper.

 Like a good girl, I always do as I am told, my daily exercises of 3 pages on A4 foolscap  are becoming a morning meditation my body now craves and  my mind needs to be put at peace as I fulfil the daily exercises.

Sometimes I sit and gaze, the half-written page, a picture , the changing drama unfolding in the garden, a seasonal flower like this magnolia soulangeana and the clock ticks by, I know I need to finish the task in hand. Sometimes I do not relish the paragraph and instructions that  I read, but I go ahead and am surprised as the words find their way onto the page. I do not read ahead in the book as I think this will be distracting, I can only allow myself one step at a time. This may result in one word, one sentence , one page or one thought of a new idea. But it is all valuable. Stories are forming.

Then meditation over, I can face the day.

 So this is why I have been quiet. I have not been sleeping. I have just been working, silently on  my own.

 I do not know where this journey is going but I am interested in finding out.

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