Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mad Hatters

I have just returned from the most amazing weekend in Norfolk . Helping at a Charity sale of Ladies and Gents Fashion in aid of and the Wells Hospital, I have discovered elegance , pride and fun.

We drove east, hitting -14, with barn owls to accompany us on our way,  we sped through Norfolk in the dark to arrive at  Burnham Overy Hall .This was filled with the most delicious , gorgeous, elegant feathered creations. A few of which are displayed below.


But, for me, the best was the experience and enthusiasm. Zara was fabulous. She knew which hat suited which person, how to wear it, how to position a hat pin. These were tips I will value for a lifetime. I had been so wrong in my judgement and instead of  costly mistakes I have come home with four wonderful hats. I never thought I was a hat person, but now I know I just need a Zara in my life and I can be anyone I want to be.

These are not the hats I came home with, they are my secret. But I  just wanted to share the images.

I met fabulous people, all who have amazing style and a sense of fun. We tried on  hats, scarves and jewels, all with our own natural senses of adventure , enjoyment and experimentation.

 All of which could not have been possible without the amazing Jane Ridley and Jeff Thomas  who really know how to set the scene .

This was an amazing event and thank you to Michele, Henrietta, Olivia, Sophie and Lucy. I loved meeting you all and I was so thankful that you all had the same taste as me . You bought the items I loved and I know that you will have so much fun with them. Actually, they will look so much  better on you all. Enjoy....

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