Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wish and Ships on the Beach

The Weather finally cleared and we went to Hastings. I just love the iconic images- sails made from nets. Rock-a-Nore has many such vessels with a working fishing crew bringing the catch in.

Normally we have fish and chips on the beach, buying our chips from one of the many fish shops along the front- near the Vernacular East Hill  lift. It always pays to look upwards in life- you miss so much if you keep your eyes focused straight in front of you. Hastings is the perfect place to look upwards. The lift, the skyline, the Castle, the architecture, the shoreline, the cliffs, the birds- circling.

The image above is from a fish and chip shop/ pub. Really, who does not love fish and chips wrapped in paper and sprinkled with salt and vinegar? Such a treat , I should tell you that I once consumed these and still won a photographic competition in the Sunday Times Style Magazine for applying lipstick after eating fish and chips on the beach! You can eat and look good- such a message. 
We found Pat and Tush and we [well my husband] had Dab- and I stole as much as I could. It was freshly cooked in olive oil and was so yummy, the seagulls did not have a look in.

These fisherman huts are so iconic. I love the way that some have been made into Artists studios.  Hastings Hot Houses as they are known . Claire Fletcher has to be one of  the most inspirational artists I have seen. Capturing childhood images that transport you back to your childhood, or the one you wished you had had , and yet displaying them in such a contemporary nostalgic way, if that is not a contradiction in terms:

After the Carnival we meandered home along the coast road, past the burnt out Pier- this made us so sad.
So I prefer to remember happy times.

These Victorian Piers are  beautiful  and precious,  to see them so destroyed is heartbreaking. Let's look backwards at the past glory, not the burnt out wreck.

As we left Hastings, I could not help but stop by my favourite house. Always a changing  scene that makes me smile and today's was no different. Yes, we dashed home and put the kettle on and sat companionably side by side with our tea and agreed we had  had a good day.

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