Sunday, 21 August 2011

Elizabeth Taylor gave me a present from the Seaside.

Thrilled that I am that Virago recently launched  new series of Elizabeth Taylor titles.

I am more thrilled at my vintage finds in the Old High Street in Hastings. They are a very welcome addition to my collection joining Angel.

I love the fact that they all come from one woman's library. I did leave many other titles behind for others that follow in my footsteps but I may visit again soon and collect a few more.

I enjoy her easy style and her prolific output.

I bought

A View of the Harbour- cover 'Lyme Regis' by Richard Eurich

The Blush- cover 'Avens' by Audrey Johnson

The Devastating Boys- cover 'Love in the Mist' by Nancy Sharp

The Sleeping Beauty- cover 'Musing' by Norman Hepple

The covers themselves will send me off at sometime in the direction of new artists to read and learn about.

So after a virtuous morning making plum and apple chutney, plum and blackberry crumble and freeze drying fruit in general to use in the barren winter months. I am giving myself an afternoon treat in my fruit filled garden.

 I am off into the summer house with a pot of tea to meet 'The Devasting Boys'.

Looks promising:

'Her children had been her life, and her grandchildren one day would be: but here was an empty space.'

Elizabeth Taylor- The Devasting Boys.

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