Thursday, 16 June 2011

I'm not a dog- don't put me down- even with kindness.

Well what a week.

 Hip Replacement on The Apprentice  and Tanya Gold in The Stylist Magazine discussing the re-opening of the Playboy Club.

' Is that what our mothers fought for when they went to University and tried to smash the glass ceiling while trying to have uninhibited sex and get away with not cleaning the house?'

 Then I realized what the new glass ceiling really is - AGEISM.

The shocking news reports that age on a page can dictate Breast Cancer detection/ treatment/ survival  struck home. Breakthrough

This interesting video clip from Breakthrough illustrates interesting attitudes prevalent in our times . If you are interested go onto their website and listen to Daphne Cook's story.

Daphne Cook was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 74 and faced barriers to treatment due to her age.

Transcript question:

Q. 'How easy is it for you to go there? [ Radiotherapy]

'If not easy, perhaps then you can think again.'

 Shocking, a reverse form of eugenics, a new Logan's run- so it seems starting at 50 +

Don't forget time moves quickly. It doesn't matter how up to date you think you are. There will always be new developments that you don't want / cannot master. If age on a page dictates one's future - your future is in the hand's of the young. So the new glass ceiling of Ageism cannot be ignored. No amount of Dorian Gray's in the attic will save your soul. Neither will expensive skin care routines. You cannot run from your age, you must embrace it. Fight and educate and help break the glass ceiling for Older Women. One day we will be there and that day is not far away.

So I've raced and baked for Life.Race for life
 I'm ready for a Walk in the Moonlight with Hospice in the Weald

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