Saturday, 6 January 2018

Cold days & Silver Linings

A crack has appeared in our kitchen ceiling. I had spent anxious times wondering why? Is there too much weight on the floor above? Do I have too many things? (Well, yes is the answer to that!) Today the first question was answered as the crack seemed larger. 
So I pondered out loud, was it possible we had a water leak? 
Yes, it turns out, we have.
A leaking water tank and now no hot water. For how long I don't know.
In my frustration I decided to sort out a few drawers and cupboards and so started with my scarves and as I was refolding the ones I no longer wear to donate to the charity shop, I remembered I had ordered a new one!
Here it is-

The white jiffy envelope revealed the most beautifully wrapped retail purchase I have ever received.A personal card and a double tied ribbon box.

Tissue-wrapped interior

Inside the tissue a glimpse of the contents.

 The silk cascaded over the bed in all its glorious indigo and gold richness and the irony of  situation was not lost on me.
I had been cursing the water and the now urgent need for a replacement water tank and possibly a new ceiling and here I am about to wear water!
This scarf is a based on a photographic impression of the water reflection of the Golden Hinds rigging against a blue clouded sky.

I also received this book for Christmas- How to Tie a Scarf
So I am off to play with my gifts I had put to one side in the busyness of everyday life and remember that old cliche- every cloud has a silver lining.
In this case- they are gold.
Thank you Linda Pocock

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