Saturday, 3 December 2016

Lino-cutting the Victorians

Cards and postcards are relatively easy to produce as long as the photographic image is appealing but sometimes you don't want to produce an image that looks directly like a symbol of mourning. But cemeteries can be a wonderful source of original inspiration.
One of my favourite angels is in Tunbridge Wells Cemetery and here she is:

This monument is to Gertrude Mary Engledue, (1868-1952) she was reputed to have been the second wife of Sir Arthur Henderson Fairbairn (1852-1915), the first Deaf and Dumb baronet who resided in Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells.

But enough of history, today I took the photograph and turned this celestial being into a lino-cut during another craft work shop with Elizabeth Harbour.

After lots of this , the following emerged

And a while later after intensive concentration

And actually. considering it is my first attempt I am quite happy with the result.

Thank you again Elizabeth and Tunbridge Wells Museum for another inspirational day. 

Elizabeth Harbour :

Tunbridge Wells Museum: Tunbridge Wells Museum

Friends of Tunbridge Wells Cemetery

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