Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Notes from the Archive

So here I am again. After a long time away from my blog I felt the need to return to these pages.
I am now writing my dissertation for my MA in Victorian Studies.
Frankly I feel a little rusty.

I have missed my morning pages, my scribbles and my writing classes with the wonderful Sarah  Salway. 

I can't even really say exactly what I am writing about for fear of plagiarising myself.
But the visuals are a clue, of time and place.
But not of gender or artefact.

I have discovered that I love archives, old papers, illegible handwriting and the smell of lives lived.This is the view from my archive chair. Although I do choose a different aspect each time I visit.

Today, was particularly beautiful.
After the couple of hours spent with my head in books, I decided to shake it all off.

I walked amongst rhododendrons fragrant with azaleas heady scent.  

 Finding this hidden pond reminded me of Monet's Water Lilies. It may be slightly out of focus but that resembles my research at the moment, it's all just an impression and I am looking for clarity. The writing must be academic so for now the blog page will continue with that other writing tool of mine - my eyes. In the future, if the commas and semi-colons are all in the right place then I might be able to share what has occupied me for months but until then I will occasionally post from the research field with visual reminders of a place once home to a family who were very innovative.

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