Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Kensal Green Cemetery Revisited.

Normally I would write enormous amounts about place and history. But this cemetery is so large and overwhelming images will suffice. It is the second time I have visited and nothing is the same. The acreage is huge, the monuments many, the season different and indeed is the reason.
A cemetery tour, not a book launch. My camera was playing tricks and so the images I have salvaged are here as a gentle reminder to visit again.

We wandered as tourists amidst classical architecture in search of names carved in stone.

 Searching for connections we found detail

 and beauty as nature rambled its way around gentle decay.

Guarded by romantic symbols

we were not deprived of the ever present angelic hosts.

Their gentle wings present in many forms.

Sometimes it was difficult to know where to rest our eyes 

with so much to see.

Number One of the Magnificent Seven, you have earned your title.

Web site here for more information : Kensal Green Cemetery

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