Friday, 30 September 2011

Moving on

I wasn't going to blog this week,  I hardly have time to breathe let alone write. However, I watched the Hilary Mantel programme on catch up , I  was so enthralled by her that when I went to bed I wrote pages. As Thursday is my day of reflection I thought I would have a look at some of the images that have made a mark and inspired me and  my consciousness in this eventful week.

 On the duvet run to take Son number one with a capital 'S' back to Uni we visited Upton House and  Gardens  and had a delightful Monday in the 1930's.Upton house
I always feel that a light to show the way forward  is a good thing. I have noticed that I seem to be attracted to outdoor lights that light the darkness. I do need a light at night to keep the terrors away.

 I also loved this entrance to the front doorway. The wrought iron , so elegant  in its ascent to the hidden treasures. An elegant stairway to the future?

And then, sorry Miss S. I know I shouldn't start a sentence with an  'and ' but sometimes it feels so good: this doorway- so beautiful. such a strong exterior , if you are brave enough just knock and enter and who knows the treasures that you might find behind?

This image is from an entirely different place -Ettington Park Hotel where we spent a recuperative time after the motorways of England  just relaxing.

The wrough iron again, obviously so symbolic for me - but just love the boots- 8 pairs - let's see who fits. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the ahhhhh! moments in your frantic week...have a lovely inspiring weekend.