Monday, 29 August 2011

A Room of One's Own

I don't need diamonds , jewels and flowers. Well, they would be good. I was going to use the word nice, but my English Teacher Miss S. would not approve. 'Never use the word 'nice' girls, when there is a more interesting one word available in the English Language.'

What is it that I need?

Bookcases- lovely bookcases.

My house is full of dust, chaos and guilt. Piles of books, concealing volumes of words, form statues of silent eloquence.

However, as of yesterday a little guilt has been  lifted, the dust blown off and the chaos organised. The ever patient Husband installed two new bookcases as a surprise. The ironing room is rapidly becoming 'A Room of One's Own'.

I knew the visits to Charleston and Sissinghurst with the immersion into Bloomsbury Society would have the Virginia effect.

I have spent a wonderful evening and morning playing at libraries.

Arranging Alphbetically.
Bunching Biographies.
Creating a Creative Corner.
Discarding Duplicates.
Filing Feminism.
Grouping Greene's and Gaskell's.
Piling Penguins.
Sorting Shakespeare.
Volumizing Verse.

The possibilities are endless.

But the even more exciting prospect is the availability of space.

Just a little more is required  and then my desk can be installed.

My tools are ready, my pencils sharpened, a new term is starting.  A little retail therapy resulted in a new lined notebook and a stylish reference book Everyday English by Michelle Finlay : We all need new books at the start of the academic year. Miss S would be pleased that at last I am interested in having 'a mastery of the language' [ M.Finlay]. I feel like I am going to start a new school and leave the old Wife and Mother behind.

Ironing board out...........

Writing desk in!

I can hardly wait.

'Now my belief is that this poet who never wrote a word and was buried at the cross-roads still lives. She lives in you and in me, and in many other women who are not here tonight, for they are washing up the dishes and putting the children to bed.' 

Virginia Woolf
A Room of One's Own


  1. "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction."

    Oh bliss!

  2. Travelbug- I am working on both aspects.